Saturday, 21 May 2016

Pretty like Elsa!


Actually, I really want to be pretty like Elsa. Who is Elsa? She is important character in film Frozen. At first, I'm just look short trailer in tv. I think the film was boring but when I watch, the film is so interesting. I can't believe that Elsa can freeze everything. Only her can do. But Ana, her sister can't do freeze like her. I like the film so much. I love the character Elsa. She is so pretty. Her skin like ice. If you all don't believe, try watching the film! You can watch it at youtube or buy the CD.

Now, I want tell you all about something that I really want to be. I want to be pretty. Sometime I was shy when my face grow to many pimples. I know my skin is so sensitive with sun. That's why I should care about my face. I use skin care to keep my face clean. But now, my face have too many pimples at forehead.

When I look my friend getting pretty and flawless, I'm so jealous you know! I jealous because they have flawless skin and good in dressing. They know how to become gorgeus! Sometime I look them like an artist. An actress too. Talk about actress, I haven't meet them. Can you help me? Help me to be an actress. So I can meet my favourite actor and actress easily. Argh! Are you think I'm too over? Hehe.

Look at me, just selfie at home. I hope one day, I can travel at interesting place. Do you know at Malaysia have many interesting place that we don't know? Err, like Zoo Negara, Pantai Morib. Genting Highland, ICT, Sunway Lagoon and every state have their own theme park. Am I right? Yeah!

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