Tuesday, 26 December 2017



Holla people! As my promise, I want to share my result of my last semester. Actually this is late post because I dont have time to do this.

Actually Im not fluent to speak in english but I have to speak because my college is an english campus. So all and all I have to speak. Am I to over? So that's my result of semester 1. I know Im not too intelligent but I try to maintain my pointer as I can. I must maintan my pointer because I want get job. Yes, I want make my family proud of me. I want to be success. I know I can. InsyaAllah. Pray for me ya!

Do you all know that actually I really want to take nursing course or pharmacy? But I can't because my spm result is not better than what you see my college result now. That's why I choose to take business studies course. Hope I can do better and suitable myself at this college. Sometime I feel bored because my college is to near with my house. But now I dont mind anymore because all was fate. Allah know everything. I give all to Allah.

Back to my result, I don't believe that I can get result like that. But I feel blessful because at least I do the best at my semester 1. Alhamdulillah for everything even some subject tough like semester 2. I think semester 2 is little bit tough. Many calculation! Surely Im too weak in calculation. I hope next semester is 'easy' than this. Erghh

Lastly, thanks to Allah, my family, my friends, my supporters and... You love! I know you also want I success right? I will prove it dear. InsyaAllah. I try effort as I can. Sorry if my english is like berterabur. Hihi. Bye!

Next entry... You can! This entry maybe like advice to all student :) Hee

Before I forgot, now I wait for my semester 2 result...

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