Sunday, 21 May 2017

Start A New Life



Kalau nak pandai english kata orang try luahkan perasaan dengan "speaking" dalam apa-apa contohnya blog ke, note pad ke atau buku nota. Whatever lah. Asalkan dapat speaking. 

Too long Im not spend my time on my laptop and especially my lovely blog. At the blog, I can share my experience, my feeling, my happy moment and etc. A long time ago I always talk in this blog and stop talking for a while because busy enjoying life. Nope. Its not enjoying life but now Im busy study and alhamdulillah my health getting better after one week I get sickness and touncil. What is touncil? Its look like sore troat and it was swollen. My throat is so swollen and I can't eat and talk that time. Maybe Allah want show me something. What that's call wisdom. 

Im feel blessful because Allah give me a good health now. I think I should start a new life because that's enough I get worse sick and I have delete my half sin. I know my sin too much and I want to improve myself step by step. Im feel regret too because I get hidayah from Allah to change but I do many sin this year. My iman not strong because of lust. 

Moreover I do that that because I want to improve my writing. I forced myself to do evil for a while. I know that all a big sin but I give all to Allah. Let Allah judge me. I hope I can do taubat nasuha one day. I tell to myself, before I die I want someone wear me a niqab. Why? Because Allah ever give me one dream that I wear niqab when I want to die. The dream look like so real and I feel it. 

Now, I look how condition am I too change and I hope Allah still give me hidayah to always pray and start a new life. Im too tired doing a sin. 

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Anonymous said...

Nad brp tahun? Pandainye design blog, nk kena setting bagai > <
Blog aq hampeh duh ahaha. Tolong la ajarrr